[Irtalk] Suggested guidelines for posting to this list.

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 12:34:33 SAST 2014

Hi All

You are all welcome to post interesting news and have discussions on this
However some guidelines to follow are:

1. Do not copy and paste the whole article you want to reference. Just add
the URL link with a few lines copied from the article and highlight
anything you feel is relevant. This is just being polite to the people who
write these articles and wish internet users to read the full article on
their website.

2. Try not use to many formatting tools, keep it in plain text if possible.
There are normally formatting tools available with email client. A good tip
is to copy and paste the content you want to a simple text editor first,
this removes any web page formatting included in the original copy and
paste. With Ubuntu I use gedit and for Windows "notepad" is a good tool.

3. When discussing, please be polite as if you were talking to a person
face-to-face. When replying, try to include a snippet of the email you are
replying to in the reply email.

4. Top or bottom posting is allowed. There is no preference, however I feel
it easier to read top-posted email replies.


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