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Mon Jul 7 14:18:58 SAST 2014

Elite journals in development studies are dominated by Northern scholars,
with little developing world representation as either paper authors or on
the publications' management boards, a study has found.

Fewer than 15 per cent of papers in the ten surveyed journals were at least
partly written by authors based in developing nations, while some editorial
boards consisted entirely of Northern representatives, according to a study
presented at the European Association of Development Research and Training
Institutes in Bonn, Germany, last week (23-26 June).

While the concentration of funding and journal offices in the developed
world may be partly responsible for the bleak findings, the results paint a
“worrying environment of exclusion”, said Sarah Cummings, an information
and knowledge development consultant based in the Netherlands, who authored
the study.

“*The problem is that, without representation in the research community,
developing countries become the object of research and not participants in
it*,” she told SciDev.Net.

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