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Might be useful for those of you who are paid up member of AHILA and
residents of African countries.

[Forwarded message from Chipo Msengezi, South Africa via HIFA2015 -
Healthcare Information For All by 2015]

Phi in collaboration with AHILA is pleased to announce a second round of
funding for Improving Public Access to Health Information (PAHI).  The aim
of the small grant is to enable health librarians/ health information
professionals to carry out a project of their choosing.

Purpose of the small grant
The Association for Health Information & Libraries in Africa (AHILA) and
Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) have been working together to
incorporate Public Access to Health Information (PAHI) as a strand within
AHILA’s strategic work.

The main aim of the PAHI initiative has been to discuss what librarians can
do, especially through partnership, to improve public access to health

The challenge is to develop an idea which will promote public access to
health information in your country or community. Phi and AHILA are looking
for innovative proposals. Preference will be given to proposals which
involve team working with other professions; or bodies like government
departments, or with other networks e.g. churches or non-profit
organisations. Females are encouraged to apply.

In this round there will be one award of £1000 sponsored in full by Phi.

1. The lead applicant must be a paid up member of AHILA through either
individual or institutional membership. (Applications should include an
email from the AHILA Treasurer confirming membership -
rchandemallya at gmail.com or rmallya at muhas.ac.tz).
2. The grant is open to residents of African countries.
3. Entries will be accepted in English, French or Portuguese.
4. NB. AHILA Executive members are not eligible for this grant, but are
however encouraged to work together with local AHILA members in developing
ideas and implementing the projects.

Proposals coming from country chapters of AHILA will be favourably
considered. If any intending applicants are uncertain how to get in touch
with a local AHILA member/chapter please contact chipo at itoca.org

Application Instructions
i. Application forms are available from chipo at itoca.org. Any application
which is not on the official form will not be considered.

ii. The application form will require:
•A project summary (in English, French or Portuguese) of no more than 500
words. (Maximum 1side of A4). (see application form)
•A work plan with timeframes ( maximum 1 side of A4) (see application form)
•A detailed budget (see application form)
•Curriculum Vitae of the project lead and why/how they are qualified to
undertake this project.
•Brief details of partners and their roles.

iii. Applications should be submitted to chipo at itoca.org on or before 1
September 2014. Late entries will not be accepted.
iv. An email confirming receipt of application will be sent.
v. Applicants are advised to study the assessment criteria below when
preparing project proposals.
vi. The judges’ decision is final and the successful applicants will be
notified by 19 September 2014.

Assessment criteria
• Extent to which collaborative working and partnership is demonstrated
• Extent to which the work project has been well thought out and structured
• Feasibility of project completion within the timescale.
• Potential for future sustainability
• Extent to which the proposed project will benefit the community
• Demonstrated intention to share learning outcomes and benefits with wider
LIS community
• Willingness to participate in relevant publicity material or events

Information for the successful applicants
•Successful applicants will need to provide details of an institutional
bank account as funds cannot be transferred to personal accounts
• A report of the activity, including a financial statement and photographs
must be submitted no later than six weeks after the completion of the

Application deadline -- 1 September 2014
Winner notified -- By 19 September 2014
Project should be completed by -- 30 April 2015
Submission of project report -- Not more than 6 weeks after project

PAHI Award 2013
The 2013 recipients were Ms. Symprose Ouma for KenAHILA the Kenyan Chapter
of AHILA and Ms. Monica Chipungahelo from the Tanzania Food and Nutrition
Centre. Their project proposals were entitled “Enhancing Access to Health
Information through Community Extension Health Workers (Chews) And Health
Facility Chairpersons: A ToT Workshop” and “Promoting and Improving Public
Access to Nutrition and health related Information in Health Facilities”.

Any intending applicants who have not attended a PAHI workshop are advised
to familiarise themselves with the training materials used in the Cape Verde
workshop (www.ahila.org/PAHI_slides_english.ppt).

If you have any questions regarding the award and the process please
contact Chipo Msengezi, Project Coordinator. Email: chipo at itoca.org,

Thanks and regards

Chipo Msengezi
Assistant Programme Officer (IT Systems & Training)
ITOCA | Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa
Block 12, Lords Office Estate, 276 West Avenue | P.O Box 11632,
Die Hoewes, 0163, Centurion | South AfricaTel: +27 12 6634062 | Fax: +27 12
Email:chipo at itoca.org |Web: www.itoca.org |

HIFA profile: Chipo Msengezi is an IT Officer at ITOCA, South Africa. ITOCA
(Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa) is a capacity
building organization aimed at enhancing information and communications
(ICT) skills for African librarians, information specialists, scientists,
researchers and students in Sub-Sahara Africa. Since Jan 2012 Chipo has
also been working as a part time coordinator for AHILA and Phi -
organisations working towards the improvement of information exchange and
knowledge sharing.  ITOCA, AHILA and Phi are working together in
collaborative initiatives with the aim of making a positive difference to
health outcomes in Africa.  chipo AT itoca.org


We are grateful to The Lancet, Elsevier, mPowering Frontline Health Workers
and Intel Corporation for their generous support for the development of the
new HIFA Voices database, to be launched in July 2014:

HIFA2015: Healthcare Information For All by 2015: www.hifa2015.org

With thanks to our 2014 Financial Supporting Organisations: British Medical
Association (main funder), Africa Health, African Health Policy Network,
Anadach Group, British Medical Association, Chartered Society of
Physiotherapy, Community Dermatology Journal, Council of International
Neonatal Nurses, Global Health Media Project, Haiti Nursing Foundation,
Health Sciences Online, Institution of Engineering and Technology,
Instituto de Cooperación Social INTEGRARE, International Foundation for
Dermatology, International League of Dermatological Societies,
International Child Health Group, International Society for Social
Pediatrics and Child Health, Joanna Briggs Institute, The Lancet, LiveWell
Initiative, Medical Aid Films, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba,
mPowering Frontline Health Workers, NextGenU.org, Network for Information
and Digital Access, Operation Hernia, Partnerships in Health Information,
Physicians for Haiti, Public Library of Science, Royal College of Midwives,
Rural and Remote Health Journal, The Lancet, The Mother and Child Health
and Education Trust, Virtual Development, and Zambia Health UK Workforce
Alliance. Contact: admin at hifa2015.org


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