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* Apologies for cross-posting *

*SCAPE Training: Preserving Your Preservation Tools*
*(Package Management)*
*26-27 March 2014*
*The Hague*

Registration is now open for the next SCAPE Project Training event:

*Learning to Think Like a Package Maintainer*
Lots of great digital preservation applications and services exist, however
very few are actively maintained and thus preserved! This is a big problem!
By introducing the steps to develop these and engage the support of the
community, this training course addresses what can be done to improve this
situation. You will learn how to prepare packages for submission into the
very heart of many digital environments; the operating system and directly
associated “app-stores”. Attendees will be given hands-on experience with
developing and maintaining packages rather than software and key
differences will be discussed and evaluated. Better preservation of
preservation tools, means better preservation our digital history.

*Learning Outcomes* (by the end of the training event the attendees will be
able to):

   1. Understand the complexities of package management and distinguish
   between the different practices relating to both package objectives and
   chosen programming language.
   2. Be able to carry out advanced package management operations in order
   to critically appraise current packages and propose changes.
   3. Understand the importance of clearly defined versioning and licenses
   and the role of clear documentation and examples.
   4. Apply best practice techniques in order to create a simple package
   suitable for long term maintenance.
   5. Evaluate a number of options for managing package configuration and
   behaviour relating to package installation, removal, upgrade and
   6. Analyse opportunities for automating package management and releases,
   maintaining a clear focus on the user and not the developer.
   7. Critically evaluate opportunities to generalise package management to
   allow the easy building and maintenance of packages on multiple platforms.
   8. Assess the potential to apply package management techniques in your
   own environment.

The agenda is available here:
The event will be conducted in English.

*Who should attend?*
Software and tool developers, system administrators

   - No digital preservation knowledge required
   - Learn how to make your software sustainable so it is easily
   distributed, installed, and used

*Further information*
Travel and accommodation advice can be found on the event wiki page:
*Please note there is another major conference taking place in The Hague at
the same time - we advise booking accommodation ASAP.*

To find out more about the SCAPE Project visit: http://www.scape-project.eu/

*Save the date! SCAPE & OPF Executive Seminar: Managing Digital
Preservation, 25 March, The Hague. Registration opening soon.*

Kind Regards,

Rebecca McGuinness
Membership and Communications Manager

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c/o The British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BQ
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