[Irtalk] Good practices for university open-access policies - Harvard Open Access Project

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 15:19:13 SAST 2014

This is a guide to good practices for university open-access (OA) policies.
It's based on the type of policy adopted at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, U of
Kansas, U of Oregon, Trinity, Oberlin, Rollins, Wake Forest, Duke, U of
Puerto Rico, Hawaii - Manoa, Columbia, Strathmore, Emory, Princeton, Jomo
Kenyatta, Utah State, Bifröst, Miami, California - San Francisco, the U
Massachusetts Medical School, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and many other
institutions. However, it includes recommendations that should be useful to
universities taking other approaches.
The guide is designed to evolve. No early version will cover every point on
which good practices would be desirable or might be discernible. We plan to
revise and enlarge it over time, building on our own experience and the
experience of colleagues elsewhere. We welcome suggestions.

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