[Irtalk] OA Article Charges: Good Business or Just More Business?

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 14:51:49 SAST 2014

*Yet OA charges, which supposedly relate to covering the costs of producing
a finished article, apparently are resisted as unjust by many faculty,
based on reading Rauh and Cusker. They are simply averse to the costs. Why
aren't librarians?* Does the fact that an article becomes open trump
whatever fiscal prudence librarians otherwise wish to exhibit when dealing
with licensed content? What has changed and why? Is this the result of OA
advocacy on the part of librarians? Do researchers not want to pay because
OA is still seen as a "library thing?" Or because they hope librarians
will? And do librarians similarly believe that it follows that paying for
OA at the article level is our responsibility because of our advocacy? Or
is it because we already are the ones doing business with the companies
involved (and make no mistake -- paying OA charges is doing business)? All
questions I'd love to see further research on.

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