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 Dear all,

I presume the scheme, after polishing and refinement, will be implemented
as a data base of  a web tool,  and funders and universities/research
centres will be treated by separate, as we have done in the OA policies
directory, MELIBEA <http://www.accesoabierto.net/politicas/default.php> ,
for years (see our scheme and form to suggest a new policy for institutional
entities), by the way missed in the background of the OA policy schema. I
will contact directly for specific comments with the PASTEUR4OA parterns.

Good morning

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El 01/12/2014 19:28, Stevan Harnad escribió:

 Jisc Scholarly Communications

A schema for OA policies


By Neil Jacobs
<http://scholarlycommunications.jiscinvolve.org/wp/author/neilj/> December
1, 2014

 There are now many OA policies, from research funders and universities,
listed in Sherpa/Juliet <http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/juliet/> and ROARMAP
<http://roarmap.eprints.org/>. This can lead to some confusion, especially
for an author who is subject to more than one, neatly illustrated in a
slide used by John Norman of Cambridge at an ALPSP seminar
<http://www.alpsp.org/Ebusiness/ProductCatalog/1405MRO.aspx?ID=395> earlier
this year (available here
PDF, slide 8). While potential alignment of policies is an ambition of the
EC PASTEUR4OA project <http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/>, and there are specific
calls for some alignment between RCUK and REF OA policies in the UK, a
first step might be simply to have policies expressed in a relatively
consistent way.

 It turns out that this is not as straightforward as it might sound. A
group of us, including Alma Swan, Stevan Harnad, Bill Hubbard, Mafalda
Picarra and myself, have been working on a draft schema for a while now. It
remains a draft, and we are very interested in feedback on it. Proposed
schema for OA policies 20141117
[MS Word]. There is a balance to be struck, between precise description,
complexity of expression, and difficulty in actually using the schema.
While the draft is quite long, we think that – on the basis of an analysis
of a range of real OA policies – it needs to be long, to avoid too much
ambiguity. And, of course, the schema would only need to be filled out when
a policy were issued or revised, which we hope would not be too often.

 Anyway, we are now asking for feedback, both via comments on this blog
post, and more directly in some cases. We hope, at the very least, that the
schema will provide a framework for a systematic and informed debate on
where and why policies differ.

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