[Irtalk] PrimaryResearch.com - The Survey of Use of Emerging Technologies in Information Literacy Instruction

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 15:18:21 SAST 2014

This 200+ page report presents data from a survey of 63 colleges in North
America.  It helps its readers to answer questions such as:  What kind of
new tools and instructional practices are they adopting in information
literacy instruction? What have been the results of these efforts? Which
new approaches have they retained? Which discarded? What are their plans
for the future?  What has been their experience with blended learning, new
programming codes, classroom response technologies and gamification? How
have they used animation? Web based video tutorial creation tools? Which
programs, apps and websites are they using? What has been the impact of the
growth of mobile technologies such as tablet computers on their information
literacy instruction practices? How about the role of social network? How
are they evaluating new technologies? How do they assess online gaming
approaches to information literacy?  And much more.

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