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From: Bram Luyten <bram at atmire.com>
Date: 14 August 2014 15:54
Subject: [Dspace-devel] Mirage 2 to be merged Aug 15th
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Hi Dev & Commit list,

we have resolved the todo's that resulted from the discussion about Mirage
2 in the July 30th developer chat.

As a result, we believe the code is now in a state in which it can be
merged with the core. Since Mirage 2 is a pretty large contribution, we
wanted to give a final heads up.

If you believe anything remains to be addressed before the merge, please
let us know, otherwise the merge will take place tomorrow.


Just to re-iterate a few key points:

- the theme is *entirely optional* and right now it is the DSpace 5 XMLUI
default theme.
- development and deployment was both tested on Linux and Windows machines
- deploying multiple Mirage 2 based themes in the same repository (e.g.
collection/community specific themes) does NOT require maven pom changes.

As such we think there is little to no risk involved with the merge.

best regards,


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