[Irtalk] Impact of Social Sciences – Opening Science: The evolving guide on how the Internet is changing research, collaboration and scholarly publishing.

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 14:02:12 SAST 2014

Open research practices seek to make scientific practice more efficient and
accessible. A new book offers an overview of the Open Science landscape.
Benedikt Fecher, Sönke Bartling, Sascha Friesike outline why ‘research on
research’ is necessary and also demonstrate *how to contribute to the
collection via GitHub.*

A cultural shift in how science can be done is under way as a result of the
rapid dissemination of the Internet in almost every sector of day-to-day
reality. *There is a new approach towards knowledge creation and
dissemination called Open Science.* One could see it as an umbrella term
for a movement that advocates the sustainable use of modern communication
technology for a more transparent, accessible and collaborative scientific

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