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August 6, 2014

Contact: Michele Kimpton <mkimpton at duraspace.org>, Evelyn McLellan <
evelyn at artefactual.com>

Read it online: http://bit.ly/1srx8y4

*DuraSpace and Artefactual Partner to Offer New Hosted Service*

New End-to-End Digital Preservation Service is Designed for Universities,
Archives and Cultural Heritage Organizations

Winchester, MA  Universities, archives and cultural heritage organizations
want it all when it comes to ensuring that their digital holdings remain
both safe and accessible for future generations. Archivematica
<https://www.archivematica.org/wiki/Main_Page>, a preservation workflow
tool designed by Artefactual <http://www.artefactual.com/>, and DuraCloud
<http://duracloud.org/>, an archival cloud storage and preservation service
from DuraSpace <http://duraspace.org/>, are pleased to announce that they
have teamed up to provide just that–an end-to-end open-source digital
preservation solution based on Archivematica and DuraCloud that will set
the standard for one-stop durable, safe, and cost effective long-term
preservation and storage.

"We are extremely enthusiastic about our new strategic partnership with
Artefactual Systems,” said DuraSpace CEO Michele Kimpton. “Artefactual are
experts in archiving digital material and we are experts in managing open
source projects and running software in cloud infrastructure.  With our
teams working together we can achieve a truly robust, open, easy to use
digital archiving solution I think the community will be excited about."

Archivematica and DuraCloud are unique among long-term preservation and
storage solutions. They are both built on open-source software which is
documented and freely available. Users can download their data at any
point. This means that users of the new service do not have to worry about
data lock-in and the service can be run locally at any time. AVPreserve has
called DuraCloud “unique among the services covered” in their Cloud Storage
Vendor Profiles series [1] because users can download the entirety of data
at any point and/or host the system locally without additional cost.[2]

"The launch of an Archivematica DuraCloud hosted solution is a timely
addition to the digital preservation community, offering a configurable
preservation planning option at the intersection of OAIS-based workflows
(Archivematica) and archival storage services (DuraCloud),” said Nancy
McGovern, Director of DPM Workshops <http://www.dpworkshop.org/>. “When
providers choose collaboration over competition, the gains to our community
can be significant. A partnership like this that brings together
open-source providers each with a solid track record promises to result in
just that kind of benefit."

Users of the service will have access to a robust suite of digital
preservation functions via the online dashboard. Archivematica is well
known for its ability to produce highly standardized and interoperable
Archival Information Packages; these packages will automatically be placed
into DuraCloud for long-term secure archival storage. Some of the key
features of Archivematica include assigning permanent identifiers and
checksums, virus checking, identifying and validating file formats,
extracting technical metadata, normalizing files to preservation-friendly
formats, and generating detailed PREMIS metadata to facilitate
inter-repository data exchange.  Key features of DuraCloud include
automated health checking of the content, reporting, and the choice to
store multiple copies at multiple storage providers.

If your organization is interested in learning more about this offering
please contact Michele Kimpton (mkimpton at duraspace.org) or Evelyn McLellan (
evelyn at artefactual.com), or complete the inquiry form at

About DuraSpace

DuraCloud (http://duracloud.org) is a service from DuraSpace (
http://duraspace.org), an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
providing leadership and innovation for open technologies that promote
durable, persistent access to digital data. We collaborate with academic,
scientific, cultural, and technology communities by supporting projects (
DSpace <http://dspace.org/>, Fedora <http://fedorarepository.org/>, VIVO
<http://www.vivoweb.org/>) and creating services (DuraCloud
<http://duracloud.org/>, DSpaceDirect <http://dspacedirect.org/>) to help
ensure that current and future generations have access to our collective
digital heritage. Our values are expressed in our organizational byline,
"Committed to our digital future."

About Artefactual Systems

Artefactual's (http://artefactual.com) mission is to provide the heritage
community with vital expertise and technology in the domains of digital
preservation and online access. We develop open-source software (
Archivematica <https://www.archivematica.org/wiki/Main_Page> and AtoM
<https://accesstomemory.org/en/>) and promote open standards as the best
means of enabling archives, libraries and museums to preserve and provide
access to society's cultural assets. We are archivists, librarians,
software developers, systems administrators and systems technicians, all
working together to advance the capacity of heritage institutions to meet
their mandates in a rapidly changing world.

[1] Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles:

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