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Mon Aug 4 14:51:03 SAST 2014

Open science is vitally important to accelerating the pace of discovery and
the continued funding of academic research. At least 80% of academic
research is publicly, or charitably funded. It's therefore obvious that
research should be done in a manner that maximizes the
return-on-investment; encouraging sharing, re-use, and collaboration for
overall gain. *In 'closed' science, fewer people can read the publication
(it's paywalled) and no one outside of the original author group can re-use
the data or the code used to generate the results. The closed science model
leads to deeply inefficient, slower, harder, progress.* Researchers may
overlook their peers papers simply because they don't have access to them.
Likewise, researchers waste immense time and resources re-generating the
same data or software functionality because other researchers didn't/won't
share the original data/code.

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