[Irtalk] How Verizon's Challenge to FCC Net Neutrality Rules Could Silence Minority Voices

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 16:22:00 SAST 2013

Much like cable television, advocates say, the providers want to choose
what content you can see online, charge different prices based on the
content that you get, and charge companies like Google and Facebook extra
fees for "fast lanes" to reach users at high speeds. Net neutrality rules
have prevented such a tiered system, allowing small startups to compete on
a level playing field with giants like Yahoo and Google.
Without net neutrality protection, the companies also could have the power
to silence dissenting voices, or at least disfavor them with slower speeds
to reach the public. So activists such as Robinson have every reason to be


*​What if the ISP's made an agreement with Elsevier to block all open
access sites?*
*This is possible with this law.​*
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