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A Asserson and K Jeffery
CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) provide researchers, research managers, innovators, and others with
a view over the research activity of a domain. IRs (institutional repositories) provide a mechanism for an
organisation to showcase through OA (open access) its intellectual property. Increasingly, organizations are
mandating that their employed researchers deposit peer-reviewed published material in the IR. Research funders
are increasingly mandating that publications be deposited in an open access repository: some mandate a central (or
subject-based) repository, some an IR. In parallel, publishers are offering OA but replacing subscription-based
access with author (or author institution) payment for publishing. However, many OA repositories have metadata
based on DC (Dublin Core) which is inadequate; a CERIF (Common-European Research Information Format)
CRIS provides metadata describing publications with formal syntax and declared semantics thus facilitating
interoperation or homogeneous access over heterogeneous sources. The formality is essential for research output
metrics, which are increasingly being used to determine future funding for research organizations.

The Data Science Journal deals with IRs and research output data.

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