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The Journal of Library Innovation (JOLI) is a peer reviewed open access
journal. Its mission is to disseminate research and information on
innovative practice in libraries of all types.

Innovation in libraries can include, but is not limited to the following:

The discovery of unmet user needs.
The introduction of new services or the retooling of traditional services
resulting in a better user experience.
Creative collaboration between libraries, or between libraries and other
types of institutions, resulting in demonstrable improvements in service to
Implementing new technologies to improve and extend library service to meet
user needs.
Explorations of the future of libraries.
Pilot testing unconventional ideas and services.
Redefining the roles of library staff to better serve users.
Developing processes that encourage organizational innovation.
Reaching out to and engaging library users and non-users in new and
creative ways.
Creative library instruction and patron programming.
Finding new ways to make library collections or library facilities more
useful to users.

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