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Increasing Visibility of African Research and Cultural Heritage Content:
The 2013 Survey Outcome of the ADLSN CVP Project
​ ​
The African Digital Library Support Network (ADLSN)
​ ​
created an online survey that was disseminated by ADLSN country
coordinators between April and July 2013. The goal of the survey was
twofold: (1) to study the current situation of African digital repositories
in eight ADLSN countries (Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania,
Malawi, Mauritius, and Zimbabwe); and (2) to gather data for determining
the interest in participating in ADLSN’s Collection Visibility Project
(CVP)and the relevant implementation issues. CVP’s goal is to establish a
centralised hosting solution for institutions that have digital
collections, but that don’t have the adequate infrastructure to make their
collections accessible globally

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