[Irtalk] Meeting Report On 3-5 Year DSpace Vision | DuraSpace

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue May 21 19:22:24 SAST 2013

• Re-architect DSpace as a small, flexible core with a set of defined
functions. For example, DSpace may strive to meet the primary Institutional
Repository use cases, while also including improvements such as more
flexible relationships between objects and hierarchical metadata support.
Improvements could include functionality like a more flexible relationship
between objects, hierarchical metadata.
• Define a set of external functions which can be deployed easily as
extensions, built and shared by the community. For example, DSpace may
support extensions for delivery of media (streaming), alt-metrics
(downloads, tweets, etc.), and enhanced statistics. Potential extensions
could include support for data sets, metadata extensibility, richer
licensing, customizable/flexible user interface.
• Ensure that the DSpace core can easily interoperate with other third
party services and applications that would extend DSpace functionality. For
example, DSpace may integrate with third-party tools or services to provide
advanced digital preservation activities. Potential interoperability could
include support for delivery of media, improved statistics and alt-metrics
(downloads, tweets, etc.).
• Make sure a newly re-architected DSpace can run locally or as a hosted


*Well done to the DSpace team for these very sensible goals!!*
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