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Sun Jun 23 13:09:15 SAST 2013

altimore, MD - June 20, 2013 - The National Information Standards
Organization (NISO) announces a new two-phase project to study, propose,
and develop community-based standards or recommended practices in the field
of alternative metrics. Assessment of scholarship is a critical component
of the research process, impacting everything from which projects get
funded to who gains promotion and tenure to which publications gain
prominence. Since Eugene Garfield's pioneering work in the 1960s, much of
the work on research assessment has been based upon citations, a valuable
measure but one that has failed to keep pace with online reader behavior,
network interactions with content, social media, and online content
management. Exemplified by innovative new platforms like ImpactStory, a new
movement is growing to develop more robust alternative metrics—called
altmetrics—that complement traditional citation metrics. NISO will first
hold several in-person and virtual meetings to identify critical areas
where altmetrics standards or recommended practices are needed and then
convene a working group to develop consensus standards and/or recommended
practices. The project is funded through a $207,500 grant from the Alfred
P. Sloan Foundation.
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