[Irtalk] Extending the Boundaries of Learning: A Challenge for IT in Higher Education -- Campus Technology

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 18:42:14 SAST 2013

"In just one generation there has been the most radical transformation of
access to learning ever in human history," Lev Gonick points out. On July
30, 2013, Gonick will open Campus Technology's 20th annual summer
conference with a keynote that, appropriately, draws on his experience over
the past two decades as a leader in higher education IT, most recently as
VP for IT and CIO at Case Western Reserve University and co-founder of the
Cleveland-based broadband nonprofit OneCommunity. Gonick will provide a
retrospective of key technology changes and describe the "infancy" of the
information technology revolution in higher education, but more
importantly, he will examine the future challenges waiting for our
education institutions and the higher education IT community.
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