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Congratulations Iryna and Susan! Wonderful acknowledgement for years of tireless work in this area.

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Electronic Publishing Trust for Development's 2nd Annual Award for individual effort in support of Open Access
The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development (EPT [i]) is pleased to announce the winner of its 2nd Annual Award in recognition of the effort made by individuals working in the developing and emerging countries in the furtherance of Open Access (OA) to scholarly publications. The panel of 5 EPT Trustees unanimously agreed that the Award should be made to Iryna Kuchma, Ukraine. Iryna is the Programme Manager of the EIFL-OA Programme [ii] (Electronic Information for Libraries), that advocates nationally and internationally for the adoption of OA policies and mandates and provides training and support in the establishment of appropriate activities. In this capacity Iryna has achieved astonishing results, far beyond any expectation. Since the establishment in 2003 of the EIFL-OA progamme, Iryna has been the first full-time programme manager, thus she is largely responsible for EIFL¹s accomplishments in the field of Open Access, which include:
* The establishment of more than 490 Open Repositories in the 45 developing and transition countries which form the EIFL region of work
* The development of more than 3,400 Open Access Journals in the EIFL region
* The development of 34 OA policies in the EIFL region (for a list of the policies which have been adopted, please see:http://www.eifl.net/oa-policy).
Iryna first became engaged with the OA movement in 2002 while working in the Ukraine for the Soros Foundation and has subsequently, in addition to the highly productive EIFL-OA work listed above, become EIFL representative on many OA initiatives, such as the EU¹s OpenAIRE [iii] project to provide infrastructure support across the EU countries, where Iryna covers the Middle and Eastern EU nations; or serving on the IFLA [iv] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_edn4> OA Task Force. The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development received some eighteen nominations from four continents. The sheer range of activities and the strong sense of purpose and commitment shown by all the nominees, in all sorts of circumstances and roles made it very hard to judge a winner. It also reinforced our wish to recognise the work of so many unsung champions of the OA movement.
The EPT is also very pleased to announce that the panel wished to recognise the work of Susan Veldsman, South Africa, with the award of a certificate of commendation. She has been responsible for much advocacy and training work in her region. We are happy to provide this certificate of special recognition to Susan for all her efforts in the progress of OA. She is the manager of the SciELO-SA [v] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_edn5> programme (an excellent example of south-south collaboration ­ between Latin American countries and South Africa). Susan has also been responsible for setting up an Institutional Repository, has been involved in training, and conference organisation throughout southern Africa and ­ in addition to the activities of many other excellent nominations received by the EPT ­ has contributed to many advocacy initiatives. It can be seen that both Iryna Kuchma and Susan Veldsman have made highly significant contributions to the progress of global and open access to knowledge, covering the areas of advocacy, policy developments, mandates, OA journals and OA repositories, training, best-practice and infrastructure support. Their work has undoubtedly made an enormous difference to the free and fair access to scholarly knowledge across the world and the EPT is proud to acknowledge their Contributions.
We anticipate an Award ceremony will be held in the near future and will announce this subsequently through the EPT Blog athttp://epublishingtrust.net/
Very many congratulations to Iryna and to Susan.
[i] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_ednref1> EPT ­http://www.epublishingtrust.org/
[ii] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_ednref2> EIFL-OA programme ­http://www.eifl.net/openaccess
[iii] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_ednref3> OpenAire programme ­http://www.openaire.eu/
[iv] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_ednref4> IFLA
[v] <http://epublishingtrust.net/ept-2nd-annual-oa-award/#_ednref5> SciELO-SA-http://www.scielo.org.za/

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