[Irtalk] How do mobile and fixed broadband stack up in SA?

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 15:39:33 SAST 2013


​While South Africa ranks poorly on prepaid mobile prices compared to other
African countries, it
does better on pricing of mobile broadband data. But while South Africa
performs well on highusage mobile data packages for both prepaid and
postpaid mobile baskets (and for lower-use postpaid), the prices for
lower–use prepaid mobile, where affordability is most likely to be an
issue, remain relatively high. ADSL across the board also is high. Further,
unlike in more developed nations,
where fixed is the predominant form of broadband access in South Africa,
mobile broadband is predominant - it is also, unlike in those markets, both
cheaper and faster than fixed. However, wireless
is inherently less stable than fixed broadband technologies such as XDSL
and fibre and the implications of not having ubiquitous, reliable always on
high-speed connectivity for the economy and
global competitiveness are serious​
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