[Irtalk] Scopus, you’re unravelling

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 19:45:31 SAST 2013

Keen readers of LOL and upholders of scholarly good practice may recall
that I took the Scopus database to task earlier this year for indexing the
egregious Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Science. You can read
that posting here. Well after quite an amount of twitter action Scopus
fessed up that this was a mistake and duly ceased their coverage of this
piece of nonsense, although 3,807 records from AJBAS continue to dilute
their database and cast doubt on their bibliometric credibility. I followed
this up with another posting pointing out that Scopus was still indexing 11
titles from Jeffrey Beall’s Predatory Publishers List, but at least there
was some indication from Scopus that they wanted to get their act together.

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