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Sun Aug 11 09:56:42 SAST 2013

Our work explores new forms of scholarly publishing aimed at easing the
current economic crisis faced by many university presses while also serving
as a model for media-rich digital publication. In essence, we are creating
a pipeline to support emerging genres of scholarship that moves from soup
to nuts, integrating core intellectual questions in our fields with content
acquisition, training for scholars in digital research methodologies, and
new paradigms and partnerships for publication, dissemination and
warranting of scholarship. In partnership with film and video archives,
scholarly societies, and presses, we are modeling twenty-first century
possibilities for scholarly communication. New technological platforms like
Scalar are a key part of the process but equally important are the human
networks we are building: rich collaborations between archives, presses,
and groups of scholars who can together provide new platforms for
scholarship that are motivated by the key questions that animate humanities
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