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FYI. Please ignore if not applicable.

The Universal Index of Doctoral Dissertations in Progress

This site holds a database of doctoral dissertations in progress around the world.
The site is an open academic community effort to:

-          Avoid duplications in doctoral dissertations

-          Create the ultimate meeting place for researchers

-          Allow for interaction between them

Where to search for completed theses/dissertations

1.       Sabinet  >>  SA Theses

2.       Sabinet  >>  Current and Completed Research

3.       IRSpace<http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=013518019117943970829:tlw8-sayn_q> (incl. 'thesis'/'theses'/'dissertation')

4.       Scirus  >>  Advanced Search<http://www.scirus.com.ez.sun.ac.za/srsapp/advanced/index.jsp?q1=>  >>  Theses and Dissertations

5.       NDLTD Useful Search Tools<http://www.ndltd.org/find>

6.       National ETD Portal (South Africa)<http://www.netd.ac.za/> (Stellenbosch still to be added)

7.       ProQuest Dissertations and Theses<http://www.umi.com/en-US/products/dissertations/individuals.shtml>

Please share with us if you can add to the above ....

Kind regards

Ina Smith
E-Research Repository Manager | Library and Information Service | University of Stellenbosch | Private Bag X5036, 7599 | South Africa
http://scholar.sun.ac.za | http://oa.sun.ac.za | E-mail: ismith at sun.ac.za<mailto:ismith at sun.ac.za> | Tel:  +27 21 808 9139 | Skype: smith.ina | Office hours: Mo-Fr: 08h00-16h30
E-Navorsingsbewaarplekbestuurder | Biblioteek- en Inligtingsdiens | Universiteit van Stellenbosch | Privaatsak X5036, 7599 | Suid-Afrika
http://scholar.sun.ac.za  | http://oa.sun.ac.za | E-pos: ismith at sun.ac.za<mailto:ismith at sun.ac.za> | Tel:  +27 21 808 9139 | Skype: smith.ina | Kantoorure: Mo-Fr: 08h00-16h30

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