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As far as citation analysis is concerned, the only thing I found that was
any good was this;

It would be great if all IR's could subscribe to a central citation
server online so that citation metrics can be found and calculated openly
and transparently.

On 13 December 2011 12:03, Smith, Ina <ismith at sun.ac.za>
<ismith at sun.ac.za>wrote:

> Hi Barrie
> The decision to integrate the look and feel with the rest of the Library
> web look and feel was a decision we took, we wanted a new look for it
> anyway, but it was definitely not a requirement from Central IT or
> Marekting. I think it should be an institutional decision, and will differ
> .... Would love to hear what others think. Hilton is in the process of
> teaching himself css, and he did all the work himself. I think for us it
> was worth the trouble, since we will be launching the new look of the
> library during Jan. 2012.
> My personal opinion re the webometrics ranking - I don't think it is the
> perfect system. One can also "cheat" the system in many ways e.g. attach
> each chapter in a thesis as a separate file  vs all chapters as part of one
> file (to keep it in context). You can then increase your ranking since it
> will appear as if you have "more" pdf files. In the end it should not be
> about the ranking (although it can help guide you to do things right), but
> it is about the ROI for the University - investing lots of money and making
> the scholarly output available, so that more can benefit from it. For me it
> would be more important to conduct a citation analysis of the items in the
> repository to track how many times each individual item has been cited. The
> number of "downloads" or 'hits"  I regard as not proper metrics at all.
> Kind regards
> Ina
> PS: I like your new repository look, and it looks great! Well done!
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> Subject: RE: SUNScholar DSpace Version 1.7
> Dear Ina and list
> We also upgraded at long last from 1.4.2 to 1.7.2.
> Our URL now is: https://ujdigispace.uj.ac.za
> We are now using the Mirage theme.
> With some outside help I think that we managed to get the upgrade done
> easily.
> Could you expand on how you integrated with the look and feel of your
> institution? Was this a major issue? Did you get outside help? Is it worth
> the trouble?
> Also, any thoughts from the list on the webometrics rankings and its
> actual value?
> Regards
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> Subject: [Irtalk] SUNScholar DSpace Version 1.7
> Dear all
> We have successfully upgraded SUNScholar to DSpace Version 1.7 at
> http://scholar.sun.ac.za. The look and feel is now consistent with our
> new Library web page to be launched soon, as well as SUNSearch (Primo
> federated search). Inquiries can be directed to hgibson at sun.ac.za.
> There are many out there who have upgraded to 1.7 already. Please share
> with us.
> Kind regards
> Ina
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