[Irtalk] A few South African journals' archiving policies & other Open access journals' information

Elsabe Olivier Elsabe.Olivier at up.ac.za
Mon Aug 15 14:45:23 SAST 2011

Dear Colleagues
I recently had the opportunity to address South Africa editors at the
5th Annual Meeting of the National Scholarly Editors’ Forum of
South Africa http://hdl.handle.net/2263/17000 arranged by the Academy of
Science of South Africa. I requested editors to develop publisher
copyright & self-archiving policies for institutional repository
managers. A few of them responded and attached you will find the
Archiving policies of the following journals: 
African Invertebrates
International Institute for Religious Freedom
South African Actuarial Journal
The following journals are fairly new Open Access journals:
South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences
Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering

The other Scielo South Africa Open access journals are available here:
The 41 South African journals available on DOAJ can be viewed here:
I will keep you updated if more editors respond - this still seems to
be a major problem for most of us who are responsible for the archiving
of journal articles in repositories! Some South African publishers and
editors are still very reluctant to formulate a policy or communicate
Elsabe Olivier 
Manager: Open Scholarship
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Department Library Services
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South Africa
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