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Hi All

I have checked the mailing list archives and it seems this has not been 
communicated yet.
You can correct me if I am wrong.

The above link contains information about a possible Electronics 
Archives Preservation Policy that was discussed during our workgroup 
with members from UJ, UP, UNISA and NRF.
Dr Reggie Raju and Ellen Tise are interested in seeing this possibly 
being taken up with CHELSA (http://www.chelsa.ac.za Committee for Higher 
Education Librarians of South Africa).
Ina Smith has written a paper regarding digital preservation for the 
Library Academy which was very well recieved.
Basically the wiki page tries to answer the following question.
How do we (we, being librarians and IT dept) make available today's 
digital information in one hundred years time ?
This task is no different than that of protecting access to printed 
information which libraries have been doing very well for the last one 
hundred years.
Therefore how do librarians and the IT dept do it for the next one 
hundred years using digital technology ?

You are welcome to request an account on the wiki and make your own 
contribution. Or you can join one of the mailing lists and comment.



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