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Hi All
SABINET's SA ePublicatons will in future add an institutions' author
affiliation in the Subject field which can be used as a search term. For
those of you who are submitting research articles in your repositories,
this will really simplify our work processes of tracing our
institutions' new research articles! See example below.

Title"Communication by impact" and other forms of non-verbal
communication : a review of transference, counter-transference and
projective identification : review
AuthorsBohmer, M.W.
FromAfrican Journal of Psychiatry, Vol 13, Issue 3, Jul
SubjectsNon-verbal communication (
Transference (
Counter-transference (
Projective identification (
University of Pretoria (
Weskoppies Hospital (
NotesPreviously published as the South African Psychiatry Review until
Volume 10, Issue 2, May 2007, ISSN 18117805. First volume of the African
Journal of Psychiatry published as Volume 10, Issue 3, Aug 2007, ISSN
Accreditation noteDOE 2010
AbstractThis article aims to review the importance, place and
especially the emotional impact of non-verbal communication in
psychiatry. The paper argues that while biological psychiatry is in the
ascendency with increasing discoveries being made about the functioning
of the brain and psycho-pharmacology, it is important to try and
understand what is happening between psychiatrist and patient. The
importance of being aware of the subtleties of this interaction is
argued, as are the roles of phenomena such as transference,
counter-transference and projective identification. The workings and use
of these phenomena are explored as central in the doctor-patient
interaction, as well as the consequences of failure to utilize and
understand these phenomena. The author reviews - amongst others - the
work of the analysts Casement, Gabbard, Goldstein, Ogden and Symington.
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