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Fri Jul 9 18:24:30 SAST 2010

target=3D"_blank" title=3D"">Katholieke Univers=
Leuven Lirias Repository</a></b> kept up with the trend with +4 and +12
positions gained.<br>
To conclude ... all DSpace instances that we could identify in the ranking
(especially under 200, there are probably a lot more, but we didn't have th=
time to verify the full list of 800 repositories).<br>
(Current Ranking - Difference between Jan 2010 and July 2010 - Region -
Repository name)<br>
7 -1 NA MIT Dspace<br>
19 -8 EU </span><span lang=3DEN style=3D'font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Taho=
target=3D"_blank" title=3D"">Igitur Archive
Universiteit Utrecht</a></span><span lang=3DEN style=3D'font-size:8.5pt;fon=
22 +4 NA Ohio State University Knowledge Bank<br>
25 -8 EU </span><span lang=3DEN style=3D'font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Taho=
target=3D"_blank" title=3D"">INIST I-Revues</a><=
lang=3DEN style=3D'font-size:8.5pt;font-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif";color:=
28 -3 AS Kyoto University Research Information Repository<br>
29 -5 EU Universitat Polit=E9cnica de Catalunya Upcommons<br>
30 -7 NA University of Toronto T Space<br>
31 -15 NA Oregon State University Scholarsarchive<br>
34 -27 NA University of Michigan Deep Blue<br>
35 EU Universit=E9 de Li=E8ge Open Repository and Bibliography<br>
36 -8 NA Georgia Tech's Institutional Repository<br>
38 +7 EU University of Helsinki Ethesis<br>
43 +34 CA <a
target=3D"_blank" title=3D""><span style=3D'font-s=
of British Columbia CIRCLE</span></a><br>
45 -2 EU Digital CSIC<br>
47 -15 IBC Universidad de los Andes Repositorio Institucional<br>
50 -15 EU Goteborg University Open Archive<br>
51 +2 AS National Taiwan University Repository<br>
55 -22 EU National Library of Finland Dspace Services<br>
59 AS ScholarSpace University of Hawai'i at Manoa <br>
61 +24 EU Diposit de la Recerca de Catalunya<br>
62 +29 NA University of Kansas Scholarworks<br>
66 -48 EU Universidade do Minho Repositorium<br>
71 -35 IBC Biblioteca Digital Jur=EDdica do Superior Tribunal de Justica<br=
72 +21 EU Tartu University Library Dspace<br>
73 EU Libre Acces Aux Rapports Scientifiques et Techniques<br>
74 NA University of Texas at Austin Libraries Digital Repository<br>
75 -41 EU Leiden University Digital Repository<br>
76 -32 AS Kyushu University Institutional Repository<br>
78 -30 NA Caltech Authors<br>
81 -43 NA Cornell University eCommons<br>
82 +35 EU Research in Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere and Solid Earth
86 -31 NA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Beacon Espace<br>
88 -34 AS Waseda University Dspace<br>
90 -22 AU University of Adelaide Digital Library<br>
91 -18 AS Nagoya University Repository<br>
93 -15 EU University of Bergen Open Research Archive<br>
94 -15 NA Simon Fraser University Institutional Repository<br>
95 -66 NA University of Oregon Scholars' Bank<br>
96 NA Smithsonian Institution Digital Repository<br>
98 -38 AS University of Tokyo Repository<br>
99 +49 NA University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Ideals<br>
101 +12 EU Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Lirias Repository<br>
113 EU Universidad de Alicante Repositorio Institucional<br>
115 -63 AU Australian National University Dspace<br>
117 -21 NA Universit=E9 de Montreal Depot Institutionnel Numerique<br>
118 -44 AU University of Sydney E-Scholarship<br>
124 NA Texas A&amp;M University Digital Repository<br>
125 -66 AS Kanazawa University Repository for Academic Resources<br>
128 -41 NA Rice University Scholarship<br>
131 -11 EU University of Edinburgh Research Archive<br>
132 +8 EU Cambridge University Dspace<br>
137 AU University of Technology Sydney Press Institutional Repository<br>
138 -19 NA University of New M=E9xico Institutional Repository<br>
139 -34 NA University of Wisconsin Digital Repository<br>
142 -78 AS Nagasaki University Academic Output<br>
147 SA Repositorio de la Escuela Superior Polit=E9cnica del Ecuador<br>
148 -78 NA SUNY Dspace<br>
149 -69 AS National Tsing Hua University Repository<br>
153 +23 EU Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Archivo Abierto Institucional<b=
155 NA University of Delaware Library Institutional Repository<br>
159 NA University of Manitoba Mspace<br>
162 -36 NA AMNH Scientific Publications<br>
163 -77 NA Rochester Institute of Technology Digital Media Library<br>
167 -104 AS Ochanomizu University Web Library Institutional Repository<br>
167 EU Universit=E0 di Trieste Openstarts<br>
169 -51 NA University of Calgary Dspace<br>
170 -43 NA Boston University Digital Research Archive<br>
175 NA New York University Faculty Digital Archive<br>
178 AS Indian Institute of Astrophysics Dspace<br>
181 AS Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Institutional Reposit=
189 EU Cranfield University CERES<br>
192 AS National Chengchi University Repository<br>
193 EU Jyv=E4skyl=E4 University Digital Archive<br>
194 NA University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy<br>
196 -29 AS Indian Statistical Institute Digital Library<br>
197 EU University of Helsinki HELDA<br>
207 AS Griffith University Research Online<br>
209 -110 AS Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers=
212 IBC Universidad de Chile Repositorio Acad=E9mico<br>
215 NA University of Washington Researchworks<br>
216 AS Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Repository<br>
218 AS University of Hong Kong Scholars Hub<br>
219 AS Tokyo Gakugei University Repository System<br>
223 NA Kansas State University Research Exchange<br>
226 NA National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education Repository<b=
234 NA Indiana University Scholarworks<br>
236 NA Open Access Server of the Woods Hole Scientific Community<br>
239 -64 NA University of Rochester Research<br>
240 EU University of Leicester Research Archive<br>
245 AF Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Space<br>
247 EU Brunel University Research Archive<br>
249 IBC Universidade Federal do Parana Biblioteca Digital de Teses e
250 EU Trinity College University of Dublin Research Archive<br>
251 -77 EU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Academic Repository<br>
253 EU European University Institute Institutional Repository<br>
256 -86 EU Universitat Dortmund Eldorado Institutionellen Repositorium<br>
257 -60 EU Aberystwyth University Cadair Repository<br>
259 NA Queen's University Qspace<br>
261 -90 AU Flinders University Academic Commons<br>
264 AU University of Canterbury Research Repository<br>
269 AS Kumamoto University Repository<br>
271 AS Mie University Scholarly E-Collections<br>
274 -119 EU Malmo University Electronic Publishing<br>
277 AS Yokohama National University Repository<br>
279 NA Youngstown State University Repository<br>
284 AS National Institute of Oceanography India Digital Repository<br>
285 EU School of Advanced Study University of London Space E-Repository<br>
287 AU Australian Defence Science and Technology Organization Repository<br=
305 NA Drexel University e-Repository and Archive<br>
315 EU Universita degli Studi di Milano Institutional Archive of Research<b=
326 AS Kagoshima University Repository<br>
329 NA Indiana and Purdue University Indianapolis Digital Archive<br>
338 EU Loughborough University Institutional Repository<br>
347 AS Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Academic
353 EU Roskilde University Digital Archive<br>
365 NA University of Waterloo UWSpace<br>
369 EU Universita degli Studi della Tuscia Dspace<br>
376 AS Xiamen University Institutional Repository<br>
390 EU University College of Boras Academic Digital Archive<br>
414 EU University of Hertfordshire Research Archive<br>
418 EU Universitat Kassel Dspace<br>
418 EU Open University Netherlands Dspace<br>
441 EU University of Bristol Repository of Scholarly ePrints<br>
446 NA George Mason University Archival Repository Service<br>
461 EU University of Macedonia Digital Library &amp; Institutional Reposito=
482 AS Raman Research Institute Digital Repository<br>
516 AS Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Prometheus Academic Collections<=
641 EU Technical University Ostrava Repository<br>
729 AU University of Auckland Researchspace<br>
765 EU Halmstad University Scholarly Archive <br>
If you think we made a mistake, or if you want to discuss this ranking, ple=
do, this could be interesting.</span><o:p></o:p></p>





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