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Smith, Ina <ismith@sun.ac.za> ismith at sun.ac.za
Tue Dec 21 11:27:04 SAST 2010

WorldCat(r) Digital Collection Gateway at a glance
The WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway provides you with a self-service tool for uploading the metadata of your unique digital content to WorldCat-the premier database of library materials. Once your metadata is in WorldCat, your digital content is more visible and discoverable by end users who search WorldCat.org, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local "quick start," as well as Google, Yahoo! and other popular Web sites.

 *   Available at no charge to all repository managers, whether you are from a library, archive, museum or other cultural heritage organization, or from a consortia or aggregator
 *   Maximizes Web visibility of your primary source materials via WorldCat
 *   Enables you to create profiles for your digital content metadata to be regularly uploaded and syndicated through WorldCat
 *   Allows you to configure the content and appearance for WorldCat display
 *   Your metadata records retain their local identity while maximizing the global visibility of your digital materials
 *   With the Gateway's Sync Scheduler, you can add updates to WorldCat based on your local workflow for building and maintaining each of your digital collections in all of your digital repositories
 *   You can choose how often you want to synchronize your metadata with WorldCat-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
More info: http://www.oclc.org/gateway/about/default.htm

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