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Research Data Access and Preservation - ASIST Summit
Phoenix, AZ  |    April 9-10, 2010

Preliminary program at

Researchers in all fields generate and analyze enormous quantities of digital data. In fields ranging throughout the sciences and humanities, managing, preserving, and sharing these data require substantial capital and human resources and new kinds of information professionals who are able to integrate technology, content, and policy skills. This summit aims to bring together leaders in data centers, laboratories, and libraries in different organizational and disciplinary settings to share ideas and techniques for managing, preserving, and sharing large-scale research data repositories with an eye toward achieving infrastructure-independent access and stewardship. The summit will engage three kinds of leaders: those from projects with experience in integrating high-performance technologies; those from large scale collaboratories in science, social science, and the humanities; and those from institutions coping with the challenges of integrating different technologies and dat!
 a collections. The summit will address three main questions:
1.      What data access and preservation capabilities are required within and across research groups?
2.      What technical solutions exist to meet these needs and how do they scale across domains?
3.      What are the social contexts under which research communities assemble to share data?

Saturday will be a half day of sessions. The formal meeting ends at noon. Saturday afternoon tutorials will be given for those who wish to focus on particular concepts and systems. We expect to have a panel on each of the above questions led by leaders who have practical experience dealing with the associated challenges, and a few invited speakers. Participants will have ample opportunities to interact with speakers and each other and present techniques and concepts via posters and semi-structured discussions. Demonstrations of integrated systems that address data management challenges will be held, with opportunities to compare approaches and ask implementation details.

Panel 1 - Data Life Cycle management
Texas Digital Repository - M. McFarland
Carolina Digital Repository - S. Michalak National Science Digital Library - M. Wright Michigan State University - C. Ghering

Panel 2 - Promoting Re-use of Scientific Collections Max Planck Institute for PsychoLinguistics - P. Wittenburg iPlant Collaborative - S. Ram International Virtual Observatory Alliance - R. Williams Odum Social Science Institute - J. Crabtree Sustainable Heritage through Multivalent ArchiviNg - P. Watry (INVITED)

Panel 3 - Large-scale Data Management Challenges Ocean Observatories Initiative - J. Orcutt National Climatic Data Center - E. Kearns Cinegrid - L. Herr Southern California Earthquake Center - P. Maechling

Panel 4 - NSF DataNet Initiatives
Data Conservancy - S. Choudhury
DataOne - W. Michener
DataNet Federation Consortium - R. Moore

Demonstration session - Technology Systems Integrated Rule Oriented Data System - R. Moore L-Store - A. Tackett Fedora - D. Davis (INVITED) SHAMAN - P. Watry (INVITED)

Panel 5 - Developing Assessment Criteria NARA - M. Conrad Data One - J. Greenberg Ocean Observatory Initiative - J. Graybeal

Panel 6 - Legal and Social Implications of Shared Collections University of Michigan - A. Zimmerman NorthWestern University - N. Contractor

Chaired by Reagan Moore and an advisory board that includes William Anderson, Christine Borgman, Hsinchun Chen, Sayeed Choudhury, Michael Lesk, Gary Marchionini, William Michener, Art Pasquinelli, Sudha Ram, and Stu Weibel.

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