[Duraspace] Impact of Social Sciences – Exploring the publishing model of the Open Library of Humanities: A view from Latin America

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Wed Sep 30 18:40:38 SAST 2015

Bearing this in mind, the Open Library of Humanities came up with a
different proposal: to charge libraries. It is defined as a collective
funding model. When the proposal came forward in 2013, it was based on the
following supposition: Consider a journal publishes 250 articles in a year
– If 100 libraries were involved, each library should contribute
USD$1850.00 so the cost of the article per institution would be USD$7.40.
If 400 libraries were involved, their contribution would be USD$462.00 and
the cost per article would drop to USD$1.84.


*​Also see:

*Perhaps there is an even better business model that is sustainable in the
long term? What is there to stop the mega-journal from charging more and
more in the future once it has the monopoly on humanities journal
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