[Duraspace] The Future of Institutional Repositories at Small Academic Institutions: Analysis and Insights

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 18:42:23 SAST 2015

Institutional repositories (IRs) established at universities and academic
libraries over a decade ago, large and small, have encountered challenges
along the way in keeping faith with their original objective: to collect,
preserve, and disseminate the intellectual output of an institution in
digital form. While all institutional repositories have experienced the
same obstacles relating to a lack of faculty participation, those at small
universities face unique challenges. *This article examines causes of low
faculty contribution to IR content growth, particularly at small academic
institutions.* It also offers a first-hand account of building and
developing an institutional repository at a small university. The article
concludes by suggesting how institutional repositories at small academic
institutions can thrive by focusing on classroom teaching and student
experiential learning, strategic priorities of their parent institutions.

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