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Subject: FW: ASSAf to launch an online journal management system for SciELO
SA journal titles
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*Subject:* [ScieloSA] ASSAf to launch an online journal management system
for SciELO SA journal titles

Dear SciELO SA Editors

The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) is proud to announce that –
in future – we will be able to assist with online hosting and managing
SciELO SA listed journals, using Open Journal Systems (OJS)
<https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/> software. While SciELO SA is an indexing system
for high quality SA journal titles, OJS is an automated journal management
system assisting with the complete *workflow* involved when *publishing*
scholarly journals.

This service will be made freely available to all SciELO SA listed journals
Training will be provided to editors and/or journal managers interested in
making use of this opportunity, and technical support will be rendered
throughout the process. The workflow processes involved in scholarly
publication will remain the responsibility of the journal, e.g. call for
papers, editing, reviewing, layout and copy-editing remains the
responsibility of the journal.

Read more about OJS at https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/

More information on *how *you can become part of this project will be
communicated soon. This service is expected to be available from 1 August

You are most welcome to *demonstrate your interest* by contacting Ina
Smith, the SciELO SA Planning Manager: ina at assaf.org.za .

With kind regards

*Susan Veldsman: *Director Scholarly Publishing

*Ina Smith: *SciELO Planning Manager

*Louise van Heerden*: Operations Manager

Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)

Switchboard: +27 12 349 6600

Email: susan at assaf.org.za / ina at assaf.org.za / louise at assaf.org.za

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1st Floor Block A, The Woods, 41 De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Park

Meiring Naudé Road, Lynnwood 0020, Pretoria, South Africa.

PO Box 72135, Lynnwood Ridge 0040, Pretoria, South Africa.

Website: www.assaf.org.za
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