[Duraspace] Undergraduate Students' Writing, Research and Learning Skills: Academic Literacy Research and Practice at York University. Co-presented with Ron Sheese (York University) at TRY Conference, Toronto, ON, May 2014.

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 16:38:28 SAST 2014

*We will talk about the contrast between student and instructor conceptions
of the writing and library research process.*

This has been informed by grant-funded research in which we conducted focus
groups with York faculty members and reviewed literature on academic
literacy teaching practices.

We will describe our recent efforts to take what we learned through this
research and work with York's Teaching Commons to encourage the integration
of academic literacy instruction into disciplinary courses through work
with instructors on assignment design and curriculum development.

We will also describe the recently developed on-line resource SPARK
(Student Papers and Academic Research Kit) and discuss how it might bridge
the efforts of students and faculty to develop academic literacy.

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