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Indeed, Open Access does not equal author pays as we found when we analysed the top journals in which academics at one university publish - http://www.sajs.co.za/open-access-south-africa-case-study-and-reflections/laura-czerniewicz-sarah-goodier

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I have my suspicions about how this rumor got started. Critics of Open Access, like Jeffrey Beall, mention some of these issues in tirades* against Open Access. But, probably 99% of people who publish in scholarly journals do not actually follow the debate about scholarly publishing. I highly suspect that most of you feel this way because you have tried to publish with Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, etc. and have gone through their automatic system that asks you if you want to have your article made Open Access for only $6,000. Which makes their offer of color printing a steal at only $1000 extra.

If you have had this experience I would be surprised that you don’t view Open Access as a scam to fleece you out of your hard earned research money- or if your are an independent scholar, your lunch/rent money.


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