[Duraspace] The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices, 2014-15 Edition

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 16:30:25 SAST 2014

This international report focuses particularly on the database licensing
practices of research libraries with data presented separately for legal,
corporate, higher education and other libraries. The study presents up to
date data on database spending broken out by type of information vehicle
(eBook, Journals Database, Other Periodicals Database, Directory, etc.) and
by subject matter (i.e. legal, medical, business, etc.).

The report looks closely at how libraries organize their database
procurement and processing bureaucracy, pinpointing the number of positions
devoted to digital information, and staff time spent on tasks such as
procurement and invoice processing. The report is particularly rich in data
about negotiations with vendors, presenting data separately for efforts to
negotiate various issues such as interlibrary loan provisions, access to
archives in the event of cancellation, timing of payments, price increases,
provisions for credits in the event of downtime, extent of hard copy
printouts allowed, and much more.

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