[Duraspace] How to prepare for the financial side of open access | Jisc

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 09:23:39 SAST 2014

Firstly, university libraries are going to face extra costs as a result of
OA, which will need to be reflected in their budgets. Institutional
repositories where research outputs are stored will need more resources to
manage, as all research articles and conference papers submitted to the
post-2014 Research Excellence Framework will need to be made freely
available there.

Secondly, much of the university library budget currently spent on journal
subscriptions will eventually move over to paying APCs. However, during the
transition period (which is likely last for a number of years) universities
will need to maintain journal subscriptions and pay APCs. It will be
important for finance directors to understand the reasons for changing
costs incurred by the library, research office and other institutional

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