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​A previous survey request was sent with a word document. The survey is now
available on our services web site for easy completion and accurate data

You are welcome to complete this version of the survey.

If you have completed the word document survey and wish to replace it with
this online version, then please send an email to Ina Smith (
ismith at sun.ac.za) and inform her that you have completed the online version
and not to take into account the word document version.

A copy of the survey request email is listed below.

Dear Colleague
The emerging BRICS countries stand for an increasing part of the global
research and development activities. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South
Africa represent almost half of the world’s population, their GDP is nearly
30% of the world’s economy, and their scientific output represents a
growing part of the international scientometric databases such as the Web
of Science or SCOPUS.

SA’s economic situation, academic system, higher education and research are
in some instances different from the other BRICS as well as developed
countries. Also, each country develops different models of academic
publishing for the dissemination of their research results. These models,
even if partly integrated into the international market of scientific and
technical information, reflect specific situations and strategies often not
well known in the Western world.

We have been invited to contribute a chapter in a book, of which the value
proposal is to provide the above information and to close a gap in
scientific literature on academic publishing. The reason is twofold: not
only will the BRICS countries share a growing part of the international STI
market (for their own scientists but also for authors from other
countries), but they provide interesting and alternative options for this
market, too.

We would like to kindly invite you to help establish the current status of
research dissemination and the protection of our local content in South
Africa through completing an online survey. It should take maximum 30
minutes. Your identity will not be made public, and the results will be
used for academic purposes only. The survey has to be completed by 10 June
Our sincere thanks for your willingness and time,

Mrs Ina Smith​
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