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 Hello all,

 The last of the AOASG’s Paying for Publication series has been uploaded

 ‘What are we spending on OA publication?” -

 The page takes the position: "It is naive to think that we can have an
effective strategic conversation about the future of scholarly publishing
without understanding what we are spending in the sector.” The page notes
that it is extremely difficult to determine expenditure in this area and
lists different attempts to approach the question in the Australian context
(with little success).

 This page is timely in light of the revelations of Timothy Gower’s FoI
requests about UK university expenditure on subscriptions.

 This page is the last of the Payment for Publication:
http://aoasg.org.au/paying-for-publication/ series which also includes:

  'Managing Article Processing Charges' -

'Cost of Hybrid' - http://aoasg.org.au/cost-of-hybrid/

 'Addressing the double dipping charge' -

'Do OA funds support hybrid?' - http://aoasg.org.au/funding-hybrid/

 'Not all hybrid is equal' - http://aoasg.org.au/not-all-hybrid-is-equal/

'The membership model' - http://aoasg.org.au/the-membership-model-2/

 We hope you have found the series useful and informative.


 Dr Danny Kingsley

Executive Officer

Australian Open Access Support Group

e: eo at aoasg.org.au

p: +612 6125 6839

w: www.aoasg.org.au

t: @openaccess_oz

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