[Duraspace] What is wrong with the Article Processing Charges market?

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 14:45:58 SAST 2014

Article Processing Charges (APC) are fees paid by the author, usually with
grant money, for publishing Open Access content. Recently, they were a
really hot topic, mostly due to the publication of raw data concerning
spending by the Wellcome Trust.

Data has shown that the average price per article, paid by this
organization, which is one of the most prominent Open Access funders, is
about 3000$. This amount is much higher than previous studies of the Open
Access market have shown. The dataset led Ernetso Priego to suggest a “new
(Open Access) serial crisis” – with the prices being raised by big players
to a level that is not affordable for the average user (in this case:
author, his or her university, or grant funder).

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