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Announcement from Infrastructure Services for Open Access, IS4OA (

IS4OA is pleased to announce that from May 1st 2014, it will adopt the Open
Citations Corpus (OCC) as one of the academic Open Access services that it
supports, providing it with an organisational structure within which it can
attain financial sustainability and growth.

The act of bibliographic citation – a scholar referencing the published
work of others – is central to scholarly communication, permitting the
attribution of credit and integrating our independent research endeavours.
Citations knit together the whole world of scholarship into a gigantic
citation network, a directed graph with publications as the nodes and
citations as the links between them.  Scholarly communication involves the
flow of information and ideas through this citation network, and analysis
of changes in the network over time can reveal patterns of communication
between scholars and the development and demise of academic disciplines.

Open Citations Corpus (OCC) joins the Directory of Open Access Journals
(DOAJ) under the IS4OA umbrella. Further services will join them over time.
The aim is to provide a safe home where a set of services critical to Open
Access can flourish in a mutually supportive, forward-looking and
sustainable business environment.

The ambition is that OCC will increase its coverage substantially. Based on
promising communications with leading stakeholders in the scholarly
communication community, we are confident that OCC can develop into a
central piece of infrastructure for open science. As soon as the transition
has taken place, work will begin to bring more content into the corpus.
About OCC

The Open Citations Corpus (OCC) <http://opencitations.net> is an open
access repository of scholarly citation data, information about the
author-created bibliographic references present in scholarly publications
that cite other scholarly publications.

The Open Citations Corpus was initially developed at the University of
Oxford with funding from Jisc, a UK information-technology research and
development funding organization (http://www.jisc.ac.uk), under the
direction of Dr David Shotton, who at that time was working in the
Department of Zoology, and who is currently an emeritus reader in that
department and a senior researcher in the Oxford e-Research Centre.  A cell
and molecular biologist by background, Dr Shotton and his group have in
recent years developed a variety of open source tools, ontologies and
services for research data management, data integration, data publication,
metadata creation and semantic publishing.
About IS4OA

Infrastructure Services for Open Access C.I.C. (IS4OA) is a Community
Interest Company based in the United Kingdom, i.e. a not-for-profit
charitable company limited by guarantee under UK law.  The company’s
activities are designed to provide benefit to the global community of
research information users by providing openly accessible information and
discovery services relating to academic information, research results and
scholarly publications that are free to use.  Researchers, students in
higher education, independent researchers, the education community,
industry, innovative companies, small- and medium-sized (SME) companies,
professionals, practitioners, civil servants and the general public are all
potential users of research results, and the company’s activities to
promote the wide and open distribution and dissemination of research
information and scholarly knowledge will benefit society worldwide.

IS4OA acts as an umbrella organisation for open access activities and
services that are of value to the academic community and beyond.  It
provides business structure and expertise, and a means of obtaining and
channelling financial support for these activities and services.  Where
appropriate, it will also facilitate their cooperation or integration in
mutually beneficial ways.  In December 2012, IS4OA took responsibility for
the operation and development of its first service, the Directory of Open
Access Journals (DOAJ; http://www.doaj.org/).  The Open Citations Corpus is
the second such service to be adopted by IS4OA

IS4OA was founded in 2012 by Dr Alma Swan and Dr Caroline Sutton.  Dr Swan
is a consultant working in the field of scholarly communication, a Director
of IS4OA, Director of European Advocacy Programmes for SPARC Europe,
Director of Key Perspectives Ltd, and Convenor for Enabling Open
Scholarship, the organisation of universities promoting the principles of
open scholarship in the academic community.  Dr Sutton is a recognised
advocate and expert on Open Access publishing, a Director of IS4OA,
Publisher and Co-Founder of Co-Action Publishing, and the immediate
past-President of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).
She also serves as Chair of the Advisory Board for OAPEN, and has served as
a member of the SPARC Europe Board. In 2013 Lars Bjørnshauge joined IS4OA
as Director and as Managing Director of DOAJ. Lars Bjørnshauge is founder
of DOAJ, co-founder of OpenDOAR and Directory of Open Access Books,
currently Director of SPARC Europe and serves on the Board of OASPA.

For further information, please contact Dr Alma Swan (a[.]swan [at]
talk21[.]com) or Dr David Shotton (david[.]shotton [at]



Lars Bjørnshauge
Managing Director

We rely solely on donations from the community. To support our work, go to:

Follow us: Twitter <https://twitter.com/DOAJplus>
LinkedIn <http://www.linkedin.com/company/3011192>

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an independent service managed
by a not-for-profit company Infrastructure Services for Open Access
C.I.C.<http://is4oa.org/about/>Company registration no. 8307499. VAT
no: DK 35153470.


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