[Duraspace] Institutional Repositories: Exploration of Costs and Value

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:40:49 SAST 2014

Little is known about the costs academic libraries incur to implement and
manage institutional repositories and the value these institutional
repositories offer to their communities. To address this, the authors
report the findings of their 29 question survey of academic libraries with
institutional repositories. We received 49 usable responses. Thirty-four of
these responses completed the entire survey. While meant to be exploratory,
results are varied and depend on the context of the institution. This
context includes, among other things, the size of the repositories and of
the institutions, the software used to operate the repositories, such as
open source or proprietary, and whether librarians mediate content
archiving, or content producers directly deposit their own material. The
highlights of our findings, based on median values, suggest that
institutions that mediate submissions incur less expense than institutions
that allow self-archiving, institutions that offer additional services
incur greater annual operating costs than those who do not, and
institutions that use open source applications have lower implementation
costs but comparable annual operating costs with institutions that use
proprietary solutions.

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