[Duraspace] Green OA Repository Infrastructure are Permanent, not "Transitional" - Open Access Archivangelism

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 12:29:39 SAST 2013

In his interview with Richard Poynder, Cameron Neylon, as always, makes
many valid and astute points. But there is one thing about which I think he
is quite profoundly mistaken:

CN: "While we can generate wider access with relatively little transitional
costs through repository-mediated OA this won’t help to bring down
subscriptions costs."

Apart from the fact that lowering subscription (or publication) costs and
providing open access to publisher research are not the same thing at all
(and that the urgent and overwhelming priority of Open Access is Access), I
think Cameron underestimates the profound causal connection between them:

No, the primary purpose of repository-mediated OA (Green OA) is not to
serve as a transition to Gold OA publishing: it is to provide OA.

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