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Sat Jul 20 16:09:07 SAST 2013

As the world moves gradually into the knowledge-based society predicted by
Peter Drucker in the early 1970s, one of the challenges for developing
countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America is how to create building
blocks and vehicles to manage and quicken the transition process. One such
building block is Namibia’s Vision 2030, which envisions Namibia becoming a
knowledge-based society by 2030. For a country to become a knowledge-based
society, organisational learning is of paramount importance because
individuals need to engage in continuous learning to acquire new knowledge,
not just to remain relevant, but also to make their organisation
competitive.  Human Resources Departments as well as Information Management
Departments, where they exist, have a key role to play. There is little
doubt that two pillars which could accelerate the birth of the new
knowledge-based society are eLearning and Knowledge Management.
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