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The findings of this study reveal how poorly the immediate results of
online searches surface relevant local results.
They show at a practical level the problems of information retrieval and of
content discoverability. At the same time,
at a policy level they point to the lack of national policy to manage and
make accessible publicly funded research, data and other knowledge outputs
in the online space. This severely limits the potential value of research
and development and questions the public benefit of all the investment in
knowledge production and poverty alleviation activities if the knowledge
gained and produced remains below the radar and undiscoverable. This in
turn diminishes the contribution of local knowledge production to local,
national, regional and international development and limits participation
and impact in global networks and knowledge circulation systems.
Internationally, scholarly communication and knowledge production systems
have become inexorably open. *Unless South African policy actively supports
open access and the online visibility of local knowledge, the danger is
that the invisibility demonstrated in this paper will deepen.*
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