[Duraspace] The Digital Natives are Getting Restless: The Student Voice of the Open Access Movement

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 09:50:26 SAST 2013

Students today are digital natives. We've grown up in a world of unfettered
access to digital information, instant gratification in the best possible
sense. Yet when we need access to scholarly journals, we’re suddenly locked
out. Though our education literally depends on them, we're often cut off
from journals crucial to our research, our papers, and our understanding of
both details and the larger picture. However, students, in addition to
numerous other stakeholders, are quickly realizing that access barriers to
journals are as unnecessary as they are harmful. We're working to reform
the current academic publishing system into one that is open and equitably
serves the interests of all who depend on it, not just those who can afford
the often high cost of access.
Given by Nick Shockey, Director of the Right to Research Coalition, and
Director of Student Advocacy at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic
Resources Coalition (SPARC) at the Apple-sponsored AcademiX 2010 conference.

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