[Duraspace] SOLR Stats("GeoLiteCity.dat")

Lewatle Phaladi Lewatle.Phaladi at wits.ac.za
Tue Jul 31 15:40:22 SAST 2012

Hi All


I am currently setting up SOLR statistics on dspace 1.8.2, while editing
solr-statistics.cfg file I checked if GeoLiteCity.dat file is existing
in config directory but it wasn't there, I used find cmd to check if is
located in any directory but the search results retrieved no value, is
there anyone who encountered that issue before?

Do I need to download the file manually.................., below is part
of my config file



##### Usage Logging #####

# set this to be the port you run the dspace "solr" webapp

# on, by default, we are assuming a test configuration with

# tomcat still running on port 8080

server = http://localhost:8080/solr/statistics


# The location for the Geo Database retrieved on update/installation

dbfile = /home/dspace/dspace1.8.2/config/GeoLiteCity.dat





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