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Dear Reggie and all,

I generally like the list of sub-themes. What may be covered (? under 'sustainability' or 'transformation'), but is not clearly so,  is the question of monitoring and evaluation of progress towards greater and more open access in the system. By this I mean not only tracking the expansion of open access in the form of the proportion and absolute number of 'Gold route' or 'hybrid' journal titles, but the actual compliance of commercial, pay-to-read journals with their 'delayed openness' commitments, on the one hand, and permissions for deposits on institutional repositories, on the other........My experience is that compliance with self-set delay periods is minimal (one is still often asked to pay-to-view for articles dating 3-6 years back, during internet searches) and that the repository 'Green' route of open access is highly vulnerable to increasing publisher resistance in the future.  Without a clear agenda for tracking (maybe even 'policing') overall progress in the system, and making the results public, users will always be exploited and progress may be much slower than otherwise.

Thank you.

Yours, Wieland Gevers (ASSAf; www.assaf.org.za)              
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  Dear Advisory Committee Members,

  At the last meeting of the Programme Committee, there was debate on the theme taking into consideration the comments made by members of the Advisory Committee. The confirmed theme of the conference is Networked scholarship in a networked world: participation in Open Access.  Further, there has been small changes to the sub themes, again, a result of contributions made by the Advisory Committee. It would be greatly appreciated if members of the AC could have a second look at the sub themes ? your views are valued. The sub themes:

  1. General Open Access issues

  ‐ Transformative impact of OA

  ‐ Funding

  ‐ Sustainability

  ‐ Transformation in publishing

  2. Open Access developing synergies with other forms of openness

  ‐ OER’s

  ‐ Open Education

  ‐ Open Data

  ‐ Open Research

  ‐ Grey material

  3. Benefits of OA for society

  ‐ OA and empowerment

  ‐ OA and innovation

  ‐ OA and economic growth

  4. Interoperability and assessment (metrics, quality of OA IR’s and OA journals)

  5. Network scholarship

  ‐ interconnecting North and South

  ‐ Interdisciplinary research

  ‐ Young researchers

  ‐ Student engagement

  Kind regards


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